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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sines 2020 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Wedged between natural parks: "The Atlantic door to Europe"


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Madeira 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Photo poetry na saida do tax_free shop n
João Clode à procura da experiencia sobr

Researching colonies of microorganisms encrusted to wet surfaces: biofouling.

Laboratório Moss_os tanques 1.JPG

In João Clode's lab.

Faial Anchor
Helen Faial.JPG

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faial 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Religiao nos barcos dos pescadores 1.jpg

"Into the world of Helen Rost Martins,

a pioneer in marine research in Faial"

The relationship between the ocean and Catholicism is changing radically. And that has much to do with technology and marine biologists.

pescadores e tecnologia Barco do Rui 4_G
tourism science.JPG

Tourist guides as marine scientists

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